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Cognitro enables organizations to harness the full power of structured and unstructured data through end-to-end Machine Learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence) offerings. With over 10+ years of experience, we have been at the forefront of advanced analytics, combining in-depth data science industry knowledge and market-leading capability to develop data-driven solutions. Our consultants are world renowned experts and thought leaders in the field of data science with numerous scientific and business publications. Our track record of leveraging AI to solve complex business problems across a broad range of industries is what gives us a unique competitive advantage.
For AI starters, we have developed and patented a Six E’s AI strategy framework: Empower, Enable, Embed, Educate, Energize and Engage, in order to help organizations attain matured and advanced “Cognitive” status. As part of our commitment to keeping up with the rapid evolution of AI, we have recently established NEUROLAB, an R&D center and an innovation hub in partnership with the AI lab of the Carnegie Mellon University. This enables us to offer unique solutions that unleash the disruptive power of AI across a wide variety of industries, form security and policing, health and insurance, retail and finance as well transportation, road safety and green cities, creating, therefore, a safer, healthier and greener planet.

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