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These days, data security breaches are more common than ever and more expensive.
Global studies show that the average total cost of a data breach is now USD3.8 million! What’s more, the loss of trade secrets, product designs or other intellectual property can spell financial ruin for an organization. Because of its value, sensitive data is at the core of business interactions—which also makes it a highly attractive target for attack.

IBM Security Guardium Analyzer

Efficiently find regulated data, understand data and database exposures, and act to address issues and minimize risk.

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Meet the IBM Security Guardium Analyzer

This software-as-a-service offering helps you efficiently identify risk associated with personal and sensitive personal data (PII, PHI, PCI, etc.) that falls under regulations such as the E.U.’s GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA and other privacy mandates. The service applies next-generation data classification, as well as vulnerability scanning, to uncover privacy risks associated with such data in cloud-based and on-prem databases. It then applies risk scoring to the classification and scanning results to identify and prioritize the databases that may be most likely to fail audit, so you can act to minimize your risk.


Find GDPR-Relevant Data

A next-generation classification engine and prebuilt data patterns helps efficiently find and classify personal and sensitive personal data.


Uncover Risk

Specialized risk-scoring techniques, applied to the result of the vulnerability scans and classification effort, provide prioritized risk information.


Take Action

Risk details and remediation recommendations helps you understand how to address vulnerabilities and GDPR-relevant data risk.

Why IBM Security Guardium Analyzer?

Start fast

This software-as-a-service offering helps you get started immediately with a guided setup process.

Protect data

Specifically designed to help identify regulated data risks, this service analyzes on-premises and cloud databases to find and present users with prioritized risk information.

Next-generation data classification

A next-generation classification engine, which also powers IBM Watson offerings, searches data inside cloud and on-premises database tables, and vulnerability scanning uncovers current threats.

Reduce time to value

Pre-built functionality and dynamic dashboards surface data exposures, providing information such as: number of databases affected, severity breakdown, geographic breakdown.

Take action to minimize risk

This service combines the data classification and vulnerability scanning results to provide risk scoring and prioritization information so you can efficiently take focused steps to minimize risk.

Streamline compliance activities

Helps compliance managers, data managers and IT managers get the information they need, at the right level of detail, to collaborate efficiently.

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