BrytLyt founded in 2013 as a UK start-up, is on a mission to deliver speed-of-thought analytics, helping organisations unlock more value from their data. Brytlyt’s software accelerates and simplifies data analysis using the massively parallel processing capabilities of Graphics Processing Units.

Our Vision

is to empower our customers to transform data into meaningful insight at speed and scale.

Our Mission

is to innovate next-generation data solutions that are powerful and brilliant to use to solve tough analytics problems.



Brytlyt DB

BrytlytDB is based on the industry standard PostgreSQL database technology. BrytLyt has enhanced the database to exploit the processing power of GPUs. This delivers millisecond query response against datasets that would normally require extensive pre-processing.



BrytLyt also uses the power of GPU processing to generate map tiles at run-time, allowing customers to utilize or deliver truly interactive, map-based


Leading Value Added Distributor
across the Gulf Region

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