About Sferanet

We combine knowledge, technology and research to achieve the highest level of quality in solutions and services; we commit to create added value for our customers by designing and implementing innovative IT solutions to enable customers’ Digital Transformation and improve their business processes.



Take Care

A virtual medical assistant able to monitor and predict people's health status in real time, suggesting treatments and remedies.


Live Smart

Allows the provision of innovative services for citizens guaranteeing a more efficient public transportation with predictive models that allow optimization and savings on operating costs


Safe Mind

Processing images, videos and a multitude of information from any source to ensure the safety of public and private places and to recognize objects and people



SmartGuard provides safety and protection to your shared and distributed work environment, along with regulatory compliance.

SmartGuard's technology overcomes the major challenges and complexities of current data security solutions by automatically constructing “data security Safe Zones” for sharing and collaborating.

Beyond these Safe Zones data is tracked and controlled to prevent intentional and unintentional misuse of your sensitive data.




Designed for organizations that need to foresee tourist flows in order to design and offer new services capable of attracting people and improving their lifestyle.


Leading Value Added Distributor
across the Gulf Region

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